Travis Hynes returns to the show to talk Shazam!, Flash vs. Flashpoint, plus hypothetical Lois & Clark and Smallville continuations.

1-year from the release of the Shazam! film

Twitter question from @JessieW72838902 - “If the Flash movie is not Flashpoint will the Flash movie take place post JL with the villians being either Reverse Flash, Captain Cold, Golden Glider, or Gorilla Grodd?”

Reverse Flash or Zoom
The Rogues

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1997) finale details from Entertainment Weekly

EP Eugenie Ross-­Leming - Finale was a cliffhanger for (unproduced Season 5); baby was a Kryptonian that would rapidly age to a teenager
Teri Hatcher implied her and Dean Cain might be interested

Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum talk possible animated Smallville contnuation at Awesome-Con (YouTube)

Welling said animation “could be cool”
Rosenbaum suggested an animated series to co-creator Al Gough

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