On today's podcast, we discuss Shazam! auditions, the Professor Marston & The Wonder Women movie, Geoff Johns on Doomsday Clock and more.

Some Billy Batson and Shazam! Audition tapes are circulating online

Professor Marston & The Wonder Women “President” clip released on YouTube

Mentions Golden Lasso and Amazon origins

The CW releases 5 “Super Season” trailers on Youtube to promote start of upcoming seasons

Super Grill
Target Date
Flash Pass
Cold Brew
Waverider Parking
DC CW shows return week of October 9th (Previews upcoming)

Geoff Johns previews Doomsday Clock - YouTube

Didn’t want to do a simple mashup of Watchmen and Justice League characters
“What we’re trying to do is take the philosophy and the tones and the thematics of Watchmen and some of the subjects the dealt with. Watchmen has a very specific thematic viewpoint and the DC Universe has several, but ultimately one and we talked a lot about what that would look like in 2016.”
“We want to do our own thing, but at the same time play into the structural tenants that that book created and some of the dynamics and some of the tones it created.”
Their one goal is to make it “thought-provoking”.

DC Entertainment to be honored with the “Visionary Award” at the 2017 GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) Respect Awards

Batwoman - first lesbian Superhero to be comic book lead; Alysia Yeoh as the first trans comic book character
Also lots of LGBTQ characters in comics and TV shows and “Love is Love” comic for Orlando shooting victims

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