Today's podcast covers news on the Shazam! film, Watchmen TV series, and major DC Comics news.

Lotta Losten announces she will have a role in Shazam! - Twitter

Collaborated with and acted in David F. Sandberg’s shorts
Also had roles in Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation

HBO’s Watchmen pilot to be directed by Nicole Kassell

Has directed episodes of The Leftovers, Better Call Saul, and much more TV
Kassell will also be an executive producer
Deadline - backup scripts have also been ordered

DC Comics news

DC Comics - Justice League: No Justice (4 issue weekly series starting in May featuring Brainiac) will follow Dark Nights: Metal
No Justice will help launch an entire “family” of Justice League titles; Scott Snyder to take over Justice League
Entertainment Weekly - Action Comics #1000 (April 18) features the return of Superman’s red trunks; writer Tom King says on Twitter that they are “here to stay”
80 page Prestige format; Will also be collected in a 384 page 80 Years of Superman hardcover including a “lost story” from creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster - Will have work from Geoff Johns, Richard Donner, Dan Jurgens, Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Paul DIni, Louise Simonson, Scott Snyder, Tim Sale, Tom King, Marv Wolfman, Curt Swann and many more, including Brian Michael Bendis
Forbes article on Brian Michael Bendis’ upcoming work at DC Comics:
DC will re-release creator-owned Jinxworld line of comics (Powers, Jinx, and Scarlet) and also release new stuff; will also create new imprint, similar to Young Animal
6-issue weekly Man of Steel mini-series beginning May 30 debuting new villain
Monthly - Will take over Action Comics with #1001 (Clark/Metropolis/Daily Planet) and Superman #1 (action) in July

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