Shazam! has finished principal photography and now is in post-production. We discuss this plus the Young Animal imprint and a question on The Flash movie.

Shazam! has officially wrapped principal photography - Director David F. Sandberg on Twitter

“That’s a wrap on Shazam! Now onto months of post production.”
Scheduled for April 5, 2019 release
Sandberg (on Twitter) on lack of suit reveal - “Plans changed from what I’d been told. I don’t know what the current plans are. I’m now just focusing on making a good movie and trying not to talk about things before I’m supposed to talk about them.”

DC Comics’ Young Animal imprint is ending - Comics Beat

Was designed as a ‘pop-up” (temporary) imprint
Shade, Cave Carson, Mother Panic, and Eternity Girl will end current runs
Doom Patrol will be continuing in some way

Twitter question from @BobbyClaus1 - “If The Flash movie is not Flashpoint what other Flash stories you think will be in the Flash solo movie?”

Could it still incorporate some elements of Flashpoint?
Time travel
Rogues or speedster villain
Something unique - Day in the life of a speedster?

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