Justice League will not be the first live-action version of all of the Super Friends. One of the first collections of heroes was on Smallville in the Season 6 episode titled "Justice".

In that episode, the Green Arrow formed a team with Clark Kent, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Impulse to take down Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor. On today's podcast, we talk about the formation of the team and all the characters involved.

Special Guest - Travis Hynes @Travis_156 on Twitter

From Season 6, Episode 11 “Justice” - January 8, 2007

Written and directed by Steven S. DeKnight (director of Pacific Rim: Uprising)
Lex has 33.1 facilities building armies of super “meteor freaks”; Oliver has been recruiting other heroes to help
Lex captures Bart, they team up to go get him.
This is when Lionel is helping Clark.
Overall thoughts on seeing the team-up


Tom Welling as Clark Kent/not yet the red-blue blur
Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/ Green arrow
Alan Ritchson as Arthur Curry/ Aquaman
Lee Thompson Young as Victor Stone/ Cyborg
Kyle Gallner as Bart Allen/ Impulse

Other notes

No females (except for Chloe help (Watch Tower))
Clark v. Kryptonite
Lois and Oliver are together, but she doesn’t know he’s Green Arrow
Easter Eggs - Corto Maltese, Gotham, JLA International
DeKnight “almost did a proto-Justice League series” around Justin Hartley for The CW (Twitter)
Would have been Green Arrow finding other heroes

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