Today's podcast covers more news on The Death of Superman animated movie, the Pennyworth TV series, and an idea for Peter Jackson.

The Death of Superman animated movie details announced - (Newsarama)

Releases July 24 digitally, August 7 on Ultra HD, blu-ray, and DVD
72 minutes long
New cast announced - Martian Manhunter, Hank Henshaw, Cat Grant, Jimmy Olsen, Bibbo Bibbowski, Ma and Pa Kent, Bruno Mannheim, Turpin, Sawyer, Mercy, and John Henry Irons (voiced by Cress Williams)
To be written by Peter J. Tomasi

More Pennyworth details

Scheduled to enter production later this year, debut in 2019
Bleeding Cool from March 2016 - Pennyworth name had been trademarked, expected to be for a TV series

Twitter feedback from John @TorchBearer2k  - “good podcast again the other day @DCDailyDrop ! i think Peter Jackson could do a killer JSA trilogy. just go crazy. as long as LOTR 😂”

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