With The Flash film recently being announced to adapt the Flashpoint comic book storyline, we take today's podcast to explain what exactly Flashpoint is and what we hope to see from it in the DCEU.

Flashpoint 101

Comic series - 5 issues in 2011 written by Geoff Johns, art by Andy Kubert; led to a reboot of DC Comics universe - New 52
Tons of tie-ins
Barry wakes up in an alternate timeline where his mother is alive
Captain Cold is now Citizen Cold, a hero
Bruce Wayne died in Crime Alley, Thomas Wayne (Wayne Casinos) is a drunken Batman, Martha is Joker
Amazons and Atlanteans are destroying the world in battle
Superman crashed in Metropolis, hidden in government facility
Cyborg is the main hero, kind of taking Superman’s place
Reverse Flash is heavily involved
Cameos - Lois Lane, Steve Trevor, Marvel Family (Captain Thunder), Deathstroke
Animated film - Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
TV Series - Season 3 episodes “Flashpoint” and “Paradox”

The Flash: Flashpoint movie ideas 

What would we like to see?
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice “too soon” scene?
Injustice series?
What to do with Iris?
Maybe have Jai Courtney as Citizen Boomerang?
Cameos - Enchantress, Antiope
War - Faora vs. Ocean Master
Instead of War - Justice League heroes never emerged; Zod/Faora invaded anyway and enslaved population

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