The cast for Andrea Berloff's The Kitchen continues to round out with Elisabeth Moss joining. In other news, Matt Ryan's John Constantine will be a series regular for Legends of Tomorrow if it returns for Season 4, and we talk possible Flashpoint Batman.

Elizabeth Moss joins the cast of The Kitchen film - The Hollywood Reporter

Joins Tiffany Haddish and Melissa McCarthy as the 3 leads
“McCarthy is an adoring mother who leads the women's charge to take over the business while Haddish plays a woman willing to kill anyone in the way of her plan. Moss will play a timid wife of an abusive husband who falls in love with the violence of her new life.”
In theaters September of 2019

Matt Ryan’s Constantine to return as a series regular if Legends of Tomorrow returns for a 4th season - (The Hollywood Reporter)

Could we see more characters from the Constantine TV series? Zed, Chas, Jim Corrigan?
Last 2 weeks of Legends have been lowest rated of series (1.19, 1.26 million)

Twitter question from @BatmanJurassic - “What are the chances we will see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Batman and Lauren Cohan as Joker in the DCEU?”

JDM said “it would probably be a thrill of a lifetime to put on the Batsuit” (Total Film)
Deadline says Joby Harold’s page-one rewrite  “incorporated elements of Flashpoint”

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