A Project 13 television series is in development by the CW to focus on Traci 13 and her father Doctor Terrance Thirteen. We give a quick history of the characters and discuss what the TV show could be like on today's podcast.


Has appeared mostly in Teen Titans, Blue Beetle, The Spectre, since DC Rebirth has been appearing in Superwoman
Also known as Traci Thirteen or Girl 13
Created by writer Joe Kelly and artist Dwayne Turner
First appeared in Superman #189 in February 2003

Who is Traci 13?

Usually lives in Metropolis, sometimes in Suicide Slum
Usually a teen
Sometimes works with her father, Doctor Terrance Thirteen (created in 1951), who is a paranormal investigator who is skeptical of magic
Relationships - has been involved with Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle; in Rebirth - in a relationship with Natasha Irons (Steel)


Species Homo Magi - humans who can use magic in the DC Universe; examples include Zatanna and her father Zatara
Magical stuff - spells, teleportation, mystic energy and forces

Important Storylines

Cameo in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract - worked in soup kitchen, wearing the 13 shirt chatting with Jaime Reyes

Coming Up

Will appear in Season 3 of Young Justice
(Variety) Project 13 TV series in development on The CW; Elizabeth Banks executive producing, Daegan Fryklind (Bitten) writing
“Titled “Project 13,” the one-hour drama would center on Traci, a twenty-something forensic scientist and believer in the paranormal who discovers her own hidden extra-sensory abilities when she joins her estranged, skeptic father to investigate mysterious cases of the paranormal and unexplained phenomena.”

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