We have already reviewed the script for George Miller's Justice League: Mortal movie that never happened. Today, we talk why that movie didn't happen and what DC movies would look like today if it had happened.

Why didn’t it?
Background - Batman Begins (June 2005), Superman Returns (June 2006), The Dark Knight (July 2008)
Michele and Kieran Mulroney hired to write script by WB in February 2007 (after Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman was cancelled, David Goyer’s The Flash)
Writer’s strike (November 2007 - February 2008)
George Miller was hired in September 2007, estimated budget of $220 million
WB was hoping for sequels and spin-offs
40 percent tax rebate for Australian filming was lost
Christopher Nolan’s Batman
Cast - D.J. Cotrona as Superman, Armie Hammer as Batman, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, Adam Brody as Barry Allen/The Flash, Common as John Stewart/Green Lantern, Jay Baruchel as Maxwell Lord, Teresa Palmer as Talia al Ghul
Conflicts with The Dark Knight Trilogy
Christian Bale/Brandon Routh
What if it would have happened?
Would you like to see this in the future?

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