Today's podcast covers news on Wonder Woman 2, Flashpoint, the Time Warner merger, and more.

Possible filming locations for upcoming films - Omega Underground

Wonder Woman 2 might be filming in Northern Virginia/District of Columbia this summer
Imply Diana could be working with the U.S. Government
Also said Flashpoint “might” film in Vancouver

AT&T/Time Warner antitrust trial begins today - Variety

The judge expects it to last 6-8 weeks

CW Season finales and scheduling

The Flash is off until April 10th
Arrow returns Thursday March 29th
Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 finale is April 9th
Black Lightning Season 1 finale is April 17th
Arrow Season 6 finale is May 17th
iZombie Season 4 finale is May 28th
Supergirl not confirmed yet (sometime in June)

Website question from Leo - “What rebirth story arch would you like to see on the next season of any of the DC shows?”

Main Rebirth Watchmen story?
Green Arrow Volume 5: Hard-Traveling Hero
Characters - Lana Lang/Superwoman, Steel, New Super-Man

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