Soon we will be able to see Wonder Woman on home video, as Warner Bros. has finally announced release dates. We discuss this, plus news from Justice League, and Aquaman.

Special guest - Travis Hynes @Travis_156 on Twitter

Warner Bros. has officially announced home video release dates for Wonder Woman

Releases digitally August 29th
Releases physically September 19th (4k, 3d, blu-ray, DVD)

Better look at the Batman’s Flying Fox from Justice League concept art - Entertainment Weekly

Big picture link
Flying Fox has 3-story interior, and storage for  3 Batmobiles inside
Ben Affleck on the story - “He brings them to the Batcave and lets them in on the central conflict of the story, who the enemy is. There’s a little bit of a Magnificent Seven aspect to it.”

Joe Morton talks about his role in Justice League - IGN

Talked about reshoots for Cyborg in Justice League: “there were some adjustments that they made in terms of the tone of that character. I think what I heard was that there was a need from the studio to lighten up the film in a way, that the film felt too dark. I don't know what that meant in terms of how it actually got translated in terms of the reshoots but that's what I heard.”
Thinks his role might be a nod to Miles Dyson in Terminator 2
Plans to return in Cyborg solo film

James Wan talks a little bit about Aquaman - The Hollywood Reporter

Called the film “technically challenging”, even a simple conversation is difficult underwater
Tries to do practical whenever possible
Wan is filming at the Amnesty Bay/Curry lighthouse set (Twitter)

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