It's been 25 years since Mark Rein-Hagen's now classic, Vampire: The Masquerade revealed to us a whole World of Darkness just beyond the light of day.  An imperfect and horrifying reflection of our own world where the dead stalked the night.  Since then fans have thrilled to the idea of letting their own Beast run wild in the shadows using what may be White Wolf's greatest contribution to the gaming world.  And to help the DGS understand this world of darkness Nathan Siever and Robert Batton, the hosts of the amazing new podcast "25 Years of Vampire: The Masquerade - A Retrospective" have agreed to come onto the Dead Games Society podcast and reveal the secrets of the elder kindred.  So grab your kine and sit back as we pierce The Masquerade.  What is rumor and what is fact?  Well only the Antediluvians know for sure.