Chris and Aaron return this week to countdown their Top 10 albums of the year that was in Best of 2016 - Ep269. In this 2 hour-plus episode, your hosts find themselves looking back on a year that had many highs as well as lows. The music world lost a ton of talent; causing many to label it the "worst year ever." While those losses certainly stung the guys as well, they prove in this episode that there was a ton of great music released in 2016 including albums from legends such as Metallica, Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, and Testament.

Best of 2016

Other great releases came from bands such as Volbeat, Tango Down, Crobot, The Dead Daisies, and many, many more. In this long-form episode the guys knock back a few beers and blast out some great rock and metal from the year that was 2016. We hope you enjoy Best of 2016 - Ep269 and SHARE with a friend!

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Killer Bee


The Treatment




Tango Down

Suicidal Tendencies

Love Razer


Butch Walker

Monte Pittman

The Dead Daisies

Last in Line

Tygers of Pan Tang

A Rebel Few

Ace Frehley

Michael Sweet

Glenn Hughes



iTunes Review:

They Got it Right (This Time)! by Buy YES Music on Dec 15, 2016 Rating: ★★★★★

Great podcast! They have finally hit their stride! For those of you who don't know, these dudes have been at this podcasting thing for quite some time. They may have changed their names since their original podcasts, but I was able to figure out their ruse. ("Czynszak" - really,... that's the best you could come up with?) You see back in the day, Chirs Sinsack and Aaron Pinto hosted a great YES podcast called "Close to the Edge of Our Lonely Hearts". Unfortunately, it only lasted a couple of episodes, because the shows lasted for 12 hours due to the self-indulgent nature of prog rock. ITunes cyber police pulled it for breaking bandwidth rules and the guys were without a show. A few months later, I stumbled on to a Juice Newton fanatics podcast called "Juice Box" and recognized some familiar voices. However, that show didn't last long either since Aaron kept falling asleep during the taping and because of the fact that there were only 3 listeners (Chris apparently had multiple accounts). Then I heard this fantastic podcast called Decibel Geek that covered all things Hard Rock & Metal (and covered it really well!). Although the names had been changed to protect the innocent, it was definitely Chris & Aaron. These guys do a hell of a job bringing fresh perspectives to the genre and a lot of it's sub-genres in the metal world. On a weekly basis you can expect great interviews, amazing knowledge of the bands & eras and lots of laughs with guys that seem like your friends back home. 5 starz all the way!

Geeks of the Week:

Derek Leyba, Dennis Gamez, Kal Hinz, Anthony Britt, Chad Pollock, Rockin’ Ron Runyon, Jeffrey Mendenhall, Greg York, Andrew Kiss (Podcast Rock City), Wayne Cross, Kevin Williams, Mikael Burell, Kenneth Roy, Mike Grabowski Warren Money, Aaron Baker, Shane Hebert, David Glynn, Marc Alden Taylor, Brandt Cattell, Otto Erlend Gregersen, Trevor McDougall, Brian Knapp, Andrew Jacobs, Paul Korn, Adam Cox, Greg McGlone, Eric Moore (Off Our Meds Podcast), Daniel Lee, Rick Friel, The Rockin Donkey, Christopher Stokes, Derik Novak, Ernesto Aguilar, Focus on Metal podcast, The Mooger Fooger

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