This week the Decibel Geek Podcast presents Bowie vs Lemmy; a hard rock and metal salute to two music icons. In this hour-plus episode you'll get some rocket-fueled covers of David Bowie and Motorhead tunes to shine a light on the huge influence these two recently-lost legends provided.

        Bowie vs Lemmy

You'll get tracks from Racer X, Over Kill, Powerman 5000, Crucified Barbara, Enuff Z'nuff, Gilby Clarke, Infectious Grooves, Ramones, Drain STH, and Supersuckers. It's hard losing our heroes. Let's celebrate them in the best way, by celebrating their music. Enjoy Bowie vs Lemmy and SHARE with a friend!

Geeks of the Week:

Mike Blount, Jimmy Godsey, Brandt Cattell, Rockin’ Ron Runyon, Joseph Ciambelli, Michael Bartley, Troy Brice, Mike Stout, Chris Walls, John Flick, Derek Leyba, Steve Gangone, Jason Keener, Ketih Babson, John Watson, Steven Kollatos, Emry Place, Robert LaFlamme, David Hernandez, Paul Korn, TJ Berry, Aaron Baker, Stuart Tull, Tony Gross, Tim Taylor, Brad Stemple Jr., Brian Knapp, Wayne D’Arensbourg, Michael Nixon, Peter Barraclough, Wayne Cross, Mike Stewart, Terry Ginn-Adv, Jason Wellwood, Ryan Trush, Keith Naylor, Colby Branson, Todd Cunningham, Ron Cruse, Kal Hinz, Glenn Griner, Adam Cox, Wayne Stokley, Dan Avery, Mike Oliver, Kris Hadlock, Ian Wadley (Rock and Metal Combat Podcast), Matt Bradshaw, Joe Polo (Podcast Rock City), Brent Walter, Matt Ashcraft, Rock Johnson, Franklin Jackson Hudson, Carlos Henriques, Andy Parker, Anthony Pool, Hair Band Heaven, Brand Kanott, Chad Pollock, Robert Van Steemburg, Elisabeth Petrenko, Nick Tevelis, Chris Bzy, Warren Money, Cool World, James Brendon Dunn, Brad Kalmanson, Kevin Williams, Shane Hebert, Kenneth McDonald, Greg McGlone, Joe Royland, Sit & Spin with Joe, Bakko, Robin Bennett, Michael Bartley, Chad Wagner, David Glynn, Trevor McDougall, Gino Ames, The Riff of the Day, Marc Alden Taylor, David Stonich, Alexx Michael, Justin Ace Sixx, Ryan Sessions, Spicoli, Cobras & Fire Podcast, Billy Hardaway, Thomas Stimmel, hoops, Billy Hardcore, Derek Novak, The Mooger Fooger, MusicMagsAndWax, Ernesto Aguilar, Mojo Dave, Jason Mahar, Pep Pep, Jesus Chrysler, Joey Allen, Erik Turner, Steven Sweet, Warrant

Intro Music by sinclairZX81

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David Bowie


Racer X

Over Kill

Powerman 5000

Crucified Barbara

Enuff Z'nuff

Infectious Grooves


Drain STH


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