We celebrate the holidays this week by releasing volume 1 of a 2 part special on a legend; DIO-CEMBER Vol1 is here! In this special, we pay tribute to the late, great Ronnie James Dio. This week's entry has us focusing on Ronnie's first decade in the rock world 1972-1981.

Ronald Padavona was born in New Hampshire in 1942. His family would soon move to New York where he would be raised around music. Beginning at the age of 5, Ronnie was a born-performer. Stints playing trumpet and bass would lead the way to Ronnie fronting bands. After changing his name to Dio around 1960, his first real step in the world of rock would be taken in 1972. ELF's self-titled debut album features Ronnie and childhood friends performing while Deep Purple legends Roger Glover and Ian Paice produced. This would lead to extended touring opening for Purple and, eventually, the formation of Richie Blackmore's Rainbow.


Rainbow's history is well-covered but, in short, the Dio-led version of the band is legendary in its output. Richie Blackmore's Rainbow, Rising, and Long Live Rock & Roll are testaments to the powerful partnership between the singer and guitarist.

Unfortunately, the clash of egos would lead to Ronnie leaving Rainbow. On the other hand, rock history was waiting to be changed as Dio would then team up with Black Sabbath who had recently parted ways with Ozzy Osbourne. The newfound chemistry between Dio and guitarist Tony Iommi was undeniable. As a result, Black Sabbath would release two landmark albums with Ronnie; Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules. Despite the incredible material, it would be a short-lived union. But, that's for us to discuss on volume 2.

We hope you enjoy DIO-CEMBER Vol 1 - Ep345 and SHARE with a friend!

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