Aaron and Chris return this week to bring you the second installment of one of their most popular themes with Shoulda Been a Single Vol2! In this long-form music and discussion episode, the guys put on their record executive hat to determine what songs could have been released as singles to help save or improve some of their favorite albums.

Shoulda Been a Single Vol2

You'll get solid tracks from Motley Crue, Starz, Angel, King's X, Pariah, Anthrax, Van Halen, Guns N' Roses, Blind Melon, and Black Sabbath! Plus, an update on the strange dealings in an upcoming special interview for this show. We have you enjoy Shoulda Been a Single Vol2 and SHARE with a friend!

iTunes Review:
The Tradition Continues!!!
by KISSxFanx95 on Mar 11, 2016
Rating: ★★★★★

Hey this is Aaron Baker here and i got a few awesome words to say about this amazing podcast and it goes like this: My Thursday tradition continues with this installment of The Decibel Geek Podcast and let me tell you what a podcast this is!! I may have plenty of Podcasts to listen to throughout the week but i always start off with the Decibel Geek Podcast and it just gets my day going from there!!! Aaron and Chris put their hearts and souls into every episodeand it shows ever week they thank the fans for supporting them through the years (may there be many more years of the Decibel Geek Podcast!!). Thank you guys for giving us hard rock and heavy metal fans such a great podcast and something we can use to prove Hard rock and Heavy Metal isn't dead just yet!!!!

Geeks of the Week:

Matt Ashcraft, John Phillips, Derek Leyba, Lars Oyvinn Helden, Sam Richmond, Greg McGlone, Kevin Williams, Mike Stewart, Dennis Gamez, Joshua Toomey (Talk Toomey Podcast), Todd Cunningham, Shane Hebert, Brad Kalmanson, Otto erlend Gregersen, Rich “The Meister” Dillon, Chris Karam, Colin Francis, Marc Alden Taylor, Rich Canamar, Cobras & Fire Podcast, Brian Knapp, Joe Royland, Sit & Spin with Joe, Justin Ace Sixx, Rockin’ Ron Runyon, Alex Ferenc, Trevor McDougall, Andrew Jacobs, Wayne Cross, Mikael Burrell, Kenneth Roy, Warren Money, Paul Stamm, Susan Kraft, Joey Vanchieri, Aaron Baker, David Glynn, MusicMagsAndWax, Billy Hardcore, Hoops, Collins, UncleDougW, The Mooger Fooger, Darren Helliwell, Ernesto Aguilar, Darryl Alber, Alex Thorn

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