We tackle some heavy stuff this week as we explain how we were Universally Rejected. A growing group of rock podcasts were recently booted off Spotify and we were one of them. We explain the situation and what changes are going to take place from this recent development. Hear us out and give us your feedback as we really look to the listeners for the next steps!

Universally Rejected

We also touch on the recent passing of Jesus Chrysler drummer Craig Duffy. It's a sad loss to his family, friends, and fans. Our condolences go out to you all and, in tribute, all music on the show this week is by Jesus Chrysler. Shine on, Duffy.

Additionally, we are saddened by the recent news of the ending of the Rock & Metal Combat Podcast. It is quite a surprise and this week we share our feelings on the podcast, the possible plans for Ralph and Ian going forward, and a proposal from Chris to the guys directly. If you agree, let 'em know!

We hope you enjoy Universally Rejected and SHARE with a friend!

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