Tracklist :

SUB CONSCIOUS - Get Down [future freaks records]

JAY MORALES - Love 2021 [flash forward presents]

JOZEF K - Play [true romance]

LOGIC1000 - I Won't Forget [because]

MARCO C. & ELTERNHOUSE - Stoplease (VLTRA Remix) [we are freaks records]

S3A - 3 & Extended CDJ Friendly Beat [community center]

BAJRAM BILI - Fed By Waterfalls [le turc mécanique]

MAR IO - The Space At Night [broque]

OJÛN - Grand markal [18heures48]

OJÛN - Home is where i’m not [18heures48]

OJÛN - Anamorphose [18heures48]

OJÛN - Oussa ou sava [18heures48]

ABYALE - I wanna be your lover too (1990) [dance pool]