The Supreme Court rulings on Trump's taxes put a stake through the heart of the absurd idea that U.S. presidents had absolute immunity and underscored the right of states to prosecute a sitting president. While they left some avenues for further delay for Trump and his battery of lawyers, it is now clear that sooner or later prosecutors will have the chance to review the president's financial records and indictments seem very likely to follow. As for Barr, not only did he lose the immunity argument that has been central to his fallacious and dangerous notion of a unitary presidency, he also was called out for lying and thuggish tactics by former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman, a Trump appointee to the post. We discuss the meaning of all these developments with Mimi Rocah, a 16 year veteran of the SDNY and the presumptive Democratic nominee to be the next district attorney in Westchester, NY and Ryan Goodman, co-editor of "Just Security" and a professor at NYU Law School. Please join us.

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