After 20 years, the US is trying its best to get out of Dodge in Afghanistan. Trouble is the not-quite-a-peace-deal announced over the weekend fell apart on Monday. The US got out of Syria and now that country is on the verge of what may be a new and horrific humanitarian crisis. By the end of the year, it seems, everyone everywhere may have coronavirus and we're only beginning to understand the consequences of that...or the lengths to which the Trump Administration will lie about what's happening. And the Democratic primaries are going through a massive upheaval...but the question is: Is anything becoming more clearer or is it just becoming clear how unclear everything is? We discuss with regulars Rosa Brooks of Georgetown University, Ed Luce of the Financial Times and special guest Lt. Col. Larry Wilkerson of the College of William and Mary and former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell. You really shouldn't miss a word of this.

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