America has had disputed election results in the past. 2016 comes to mind. So does 2000. So does 1876. But, in all these cases and with all the instances of trying to fiddle with democracy that have marked our history, there has never been a case where the President of the United States and his entire executive branch seemed so committed to rigging the election in their favor or, short of that, to throwing the election results into doubt. Whether it is seeking foreign intervention (again) or threatening to postpone the vote, creating false doubts around mail in ballots or working with the postal service to ensure as many ballots arrive too late to be counted as possible, via disinformation or voter suppression, our democratic processes are likely to be under siege this November. The questions we must grapple with are what might that look like and what is to be done about it. We are joined by a group that has recently participated in scenario exercises on just this subject. Our own Rosa Brooks of Georgetown University was one of the organizers and DSR regular Ed Luce of the FT was a participant. In addition to them, guests include Bill Kristol, editor-at-large of The Bulwark and Col. Lawrence Wilkerson of the College of William & Mary. It's a vital discussion. Don't miss it.

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