America is reeling from two more mass shootings. White nationalism and our gun pathology have combined with the encouragement of the White House to create tragedy upon tragedy and deeper divisions within our society. But the cost of the White House's combination of malevolence and ignorance is every bit as great overseas and even as America was mourning the shootings the world grew materially more dangerous. Over the past few days we have seen Chinese troops mass on the Hong Kong border, Greenland melt and the Amazon be laid waste by environmental rapists, the end of one of Regan's signature arms treaties and escalating nuclear risks in India, Pakistan, Iran and North Korea, more bloodshed in Syria, more political chaos in the UK, deepening market fears of trade and currency wars...and Trump's errors, ignorance and dark impulses have fed each and every one of these. And given his message to the world that now is the best time to be your worst self because the US, once a moral leader, will do may even reward you...promises greater crises to come. We discuss with Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law School, Joe Cirincione of the Plowshare Fund and Evelyn Farkas of the German Marshall Fund. Tune in.
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