Donald Trump is purging his cabinet of expertise and those who place loyalty to the Constitution above that to Trump personally. In the intelligence community, State Department, Justice Department, Department of Defense and the National Security Council we have seen an exodus of talent and a message delivered to all who remain that is positively chilling. Don't raise awareness of threats like Russian election interference because Trump does not want to hear it is just one example. Also: with breaking news out of Afghanistan and the deeply disturbing prognosis from Syria, international crises and potentially unsettling decisions loom as events that may color the 2020 campaign and impact further America's falling standing in the world. We discuss all these issues with one of America's pre-eminent national security thinkers and leaders, Michele Flournoy, former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and co-founder and managing partner at WestExec Advisors. Flournoy is a likely leader in an incoming Democratic administration and her views are essential to understanding where America is going. Don't miss this conversation.

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