We’ll take a step back and revisit the songwriting of Cindy Walker in today’s show…told in her own words and lyrics. The music of Bob Wills wouldn’t have been the same without her and neither would the 20th Century American songbook. Her ability to turn a phrase, tailoring songs for diverse styles would lead to country, rock and pop standards alike. Her music was as comfortable in the hands of Gene Autry and it was on a crooning binge with Dean Martin or as a passionate performance of Roy Orbison. We’ll hear from these performers and more, including Asleep at the Wheel, Les Paul, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and The Byrds in the show today as our antenna work at the KOWS is about to move forward. Exciting times. Tune into KOWS radio on kowsfm.com/listen or download the free app from the App Store or Google Play.