In the early 1950s, trade magazines were bemoaning the overabundance of vocal groups making it difficult for single artists to break through. It was just the beginning of a wave of adolescent boys finding that street corner singers were attracting the neighborhood girls. Well, that’s the story anyway. But it might not have been too far off the mark as the mid-to-late 1950s saw the charts exploding with groups with vocal prowess in both instrumental imitation and harmonies with inglorious sound effects. It would become an cultural art form born in the tradition of some of the vocal groups of the 30s and 40s. This week on Deeper Roots we’ll revisit doo wop’s golden age where the harmonies were tight and sweet and the ballads were recycled gems of the past or low-brow teen crooning of the present. Join us on Sonoma County Community Radio for some of the best examples of Doo Wop’s Golden Age.