Sweatin’ with the oldies…that’s all we can say. This week’s Deeper Roots focuses on both the vintage and the contemporary performances by women who took on the rockabilly mantle. While a male-dominated genre, particularly when the boys (and record companies) were chasing the next Elvis, gave us hundreds (thousands?) of gyrating hips and raw rock in the form of pounding piano, thrashing guitar and duck tails, there was barely enough room for the ladies. But we’ve made some room on this morning’s show where we’ll be featuring the likes of Wanda Jackson, Janis Martin, Laura Lee Perkins and a bevy of brash rocking women from the early days of rock ‘n roll. We’ll do our best to balance the show with late breakers of the rockabilly kind:  Kim Lenz, Linda Gail Lewis, Imelda May and Rosie Flores are some of the contemporary sounds we’ll be hearing from on this September morning. Tune in for a wild two hours…guaranteed.