Having a three-guitar band can often mean the lead singer simply strumming chords on an acoustic while the other two do the heavy lead lifting and riffing. That's not the case with Juno, and their 1999 debut album This Is The Way It Goes And Goes And Goes on DeSoto Records. Like their then label-mates Shiner, Juno unleashes a big, layered guitar sound, but Shiner sound much leaner in comparison, as Juno gets full usage out of their three axe attack. The sound shifts from a hoe-gaze influenced, wall of sound approach that dips its toes in the space and math rock sub-genres, as delayed guitar leads bleed over lush mid-range distortion, to straight-on instrumental jams that would find a nice spot on any Explosions In The Sky album.


Songs In This Episode:


Intro - Rodeo Programmers

11:26 - A Listening Ear

14:55 - The Great Salt Lake/Into the Lavender Crevices of Evening the Otters Have Been Pushed

20:33 - January Arms

27:15 - Leave a Clean Camp and a Dead Fire

Outro - All Your Friends Are Comedians


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