Worried about email spoofing and data hacking of your websites? In Episode #5 of the Digital Cowboys, Cameron Francis and Mark Cohane from SecurityShift.com discuss email hacking, application whitelisting, relying on hosting companies and the risk-based approach to information technology security. Tune in to learn more about cyber security for your business.

Show Notes:

Risk Based Approach to IT Security - 00:04:01:26
Have an understanding of you business - 00:08:08:07
Hosting for small to medium businesses - 00:14:27:07
Backing up websites - 00:15:47:10
Email security - 00:18:00:05
Application Whitelisting - 00:45:22:18
How do you know if your site's down - 00:59:59:24
Should business owners rely on the hosting companies - 01:02:30:25

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