It's a full house for this episode of Discography Discussion, and the discussion is not for the faint of heart. Dan, Joe, Geoff, and Buddy become very vocal about everybody's favorite death metal band, Living Sacrifice. Also, we had some time to talk to Jason Wisdom of Death Therapy on a cold, late night. Jason, formerly of Becoming The Archetype, gave his own thoughts, and experiences with Living Sacrifice including a story of playing on stage with the band. Everyone is friends now, right? Find out on this episode of Discography Discussion. #discussmetal #LivingSacrifice #DoomhammerReturns #DeathTherapy #JasonWisdom

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Media mentioned in this episode:
"As the Story Grows" Bruce Fitzhugh of Living Sacrifice -
Jason Wisdom and Death Therapy on Facebook
Living Sacrifice - Reject (featuring Jason Wisdom of Becoming The Archetype)

-Living Sacrifice PLAYLIST-
Second Death
In the Shadow
Reborn Empowered
Something More
Altered Life
Burn the End
The Martyr
Overkill Exposure
Rules of Engagement