You can’t talk about Aletheian without talking about Crutch. And you can’t have a Discography Discussion about Crutch without listening to Dan go on, and on, and on. But hey, that’s what we do! We listen to a band’s entire discography, and tell you what we think. Aletheian is a band you have to stop and listen to if you consider yourself a fan of progressive death metal. Are they a guitar player’s band? Absolutely. But, that is not all that they are, and we are about to spread the word. #discussmetal #Aletheian #Crutch

Media mentioned in this episode:
Episode 012: Death featuring Travis Turner of As The Story Grows -

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Hope Prevails by Crutch
Dying Vine

Albums of the week
Dan - Not Beneath “Memento Mori”
Joe - Gemini Syndrome “Lux”
Geoff - Uneven Structure “La Partition”

Episode Playlist:
A Break in the Clouds
Cold Dark Whisper
Obscured Reflection
Hamartia Movement II
Exalephein Movement II
The Paragon
As The Fall Breaks
Shepherds Fold