As requested by our listener “InvisibleTeeth,” and featuring our old friend Dom, tonight Dan, Joe, and Geoff celebrate fifty episodes, and Geoff’s birthday by discussing ‘Intronaut’ and drinking beer. The microphones ran a little hot on this episode… it was that intense. We also go over some listener feedback, including a very special and controversial subject; Should the Discography Discussion podcast talk about non-metal bands?

Vamping, artistic integrity, outstanding musicianship, lots of beer, and more on this episode of Discography Discussion. #discussmetal #Intronaut #GeoffIsDrunkOnHisBirthday

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Albums of the week
Dan - Tetelestai “Crush Satan”
Joe - Intronaut “The Direction of Last Things”
Geoff - Deathronic“Duality Chaos”
Dom - Iggy Pop, or Motorhead

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Void -
Prehistoricisms -
Valley of Smoke -
Habitual Levitations -
The Direction of Last Things -

INTRONAUT Episode Playlist:
The Literal Black Cloud
The Reptilian Brain
Valley of Smoke
Milk Leg
Blood From A Stone
Fast Worms
The Unlikely Event of a Water Landing