Tonight, the guys go Sci Fi on our listeners. We sit down to discuss the discography of Scar Symmetry, a band who loves dynamics, but does not change dynamically on a macro level. Wondering what all of that means? Listen up as Dan, Geoff, and Joe dig into these death metal favorites. #discussmetal #ScarSymmetry

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Albums of the week
Dan - UnTeachers “A Human Comedy”
Joe - Opeth “Deliverance”
Geoff - Dark Tranquility “Fiction”

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Symmetric in Design -
Pitch Black Progress -
Holographic Universe -
Dark Matter Dimensions -
The Unseen Empire -
The Singularity, Phase 1: Neohumanity -

Scar Symmetry Episode Playlist:
Timewave Zero
The Anomaly
Mind Machine
Limits to Infinity
Deviate From the Form
Rise of the Reptilian Regime
The Iconoclast
The Three Dimensional Shadow