lovedonesliveInterview: The Loved Ones   Tracks: Hawaiian Islands, Miles Away, Ride the Tiger.

Episode 13 is here featuring a bit of an in-depth chat with Dave Hause, frontman of Philedelphia quartet The Loved Ones.

Having paid dues with almost everyone from Sick of it All and The Explosion to The Bouncing Souls and Kid Dynamite, Dave’s experiences building this band and forging a path as a ‘rock’ band on an established punk label like Fat Wreck Chords is pretty unique.

This guy has seen and done plenty, so check out the episode to hear about, amongst many other things, how to ‘dis’ Bad Religion onstage in LA, why he knocked back Green Day, and his plans for The Loved Ones now and in the future.

A massive thanks to Dave for taking the time to chat. Great fella. Remember to get the episode in your iTunes for your ‘Pod just click on the button on the top right – or just hit play/download below.

Epiosde 13 Playlist: Suture Self: The Loved Ones/Keep Your Heart/Fat Wreck — Bitter Days: Hawaiian Islands/Live Fast, Get Trpoical/Poison City — Brainwashed: Miles Away/Rewind, Reapeat/Resist — Danny: Ride the Tiger/Ambush/Self Released — Last Call: The Loved Ones/Distractions/Fat Wreck.

Intro: I'm Telling Tim: NOFX/So Long.../Epitaph. Photo: Wendy Higgs.