adeathinthefamilyliveInterview: A Death in The Family   Tracks: Lungs, Leatherface, Husker Du

Well after looking forward to this interview for some time now and having a great chat with Andy from A Death in The Family and Poison City Records, technology taught me a lesson and unfortunately we only have half an interview. But what’s left is virtually unedited and is a really interesting conversation with a guy who has not only worked with his band to get them beyond Melbourne’s thriving scene, but also managed to get his small indie label out of the bedroom and into stores worldwide.

As I said in the intro of this episode I really was impressed with how Andy gave his perspective on exactly why he had taken the steps he had with the label, as well as hearing some of the gnarly stories he has gathered from time on the road with ADITF as they really have gone from strength to strength over the last 5 years. Bummer some of them were lost.

Yet again, another awesome individual and a big thanks to Andy for the chat. Check out A Death in the Family and all things to do with his label, including the Poison City Weekender coming in September. Get the episode in your iTunes using the button to the right or download/listen below.

Episode 14 Playlist: Sick of This: A Death in the Family/Manifesto Jukebox Split/Poison City — Springtime: Leatherface/Mush/Roughneck — Something I Learned Today; Husker Du/Zen Arcade/SST — The Rosenbergs’…: Lungs/Two Chief World System/Poison City — From Nothing to Nowhere: A Death in the Family/Origins/Resist.

Intro: I'm Telling Tim: NOFX/So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes/Epitaph.