leatherfacelive1Interviews: The Weekender   Tracks: Break Even, Leatherface, Grim Fandango

D.I.Wireless has made it back from The Weekender – slightly worse for wear but with some great times had. This is a bloody great event that is only going to get stronger if people continue to support it in the way I saw over the last few days. Good times.

Part 2 of The Weekender special features interviews with Mawds from Break Even, Dickie and Graeme from Leatherface and Tom from Grim Fandango.

Thanks to Poison City for having me at the event and a massive thanks to anyone who sat down for a chat.

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Episode 16(2) Playlist: Smashing Lights: Break Even/The Bright Side/Resist — A Long Road Home: Break Even/Something More Split/Common Bond — Springtime: Leatherface/Mush/Roughneck — Diego Garcia/This Stormy Petrel/Big Ugly Fish — All My Friends…: Grim Fandango/Birthmark Blues/Poison City — Dirt Doesn’t Need Luck: Grim Fandango/BirthMark Blues/Poison City.

Intro: I’m Telling Tim: NOFX/So Long…/Epitaph.   Photo: Ricardo Soporta