rocketjocksbandphotoInterview: Nope   Tracks: Kill the Apprentice, The Rocket Jocks, One Man Army

So it’s been over a year since a D.I.Wireless episode hasn’t featured some sort of interview…and here we are again. Full circle.

Unfortunately due to a potential interview falling through and my backup plan being unorganised as I have been working on other stuff for the site – this left me on my own for this one. Awwwwww.

But the plus side is I had some beers on a Sunday afternoon, chose some all time favs and some recent songs on rotation to play for y’all, with some short and sweet crap in between. Feel free to tally how many times I say ‘rad’ and ‘gnarly’.

As I mention in the episode hoping to finish the year with a bang so check back soon. In the meantime enjoy some great music as part of Episode 18. Please support the bands here in the right way if you dig their stuff…

Episode 18 Playlist: StillsSternLange&Norris: None More Black/Icons/Fatwreck — Viet Nam: The Minutemen/Double Nickles on a Dime/SST — S.O.S: One Man Army/BYO — Off the Map: Alkaline Trio/This Addiction/Epitaph/HeartSkull — Crazy for You: The Rocket Jocks/Next Stop Moon/Self Released — Sore Losers: Bigwig/Invitation to Tragedy/Fearless — Harmonic: Unwritten Law/Self Titled/Interscope — Wasted Youth: Kill the Apprentice/Self Titled/Self Released — Sekai: Sticks and Stones/Theme Song for Nothing/Skene! — Jack of All Trades: Hot Water Music/Flight and a Crash/Epitaph.

Intro: I'm Telling Tim: NOFX/So Long and Thanks.../Epitaph.