Interview: Paul Kill the Music  Tracks: Fugazi, Lifetime, The Jealous Sound

So if you have made it to looking at this site their is a good chance you have thought to yourself how cool it would be to work in a record store. But what’s it really like?

Episode 21 features our interview with Paul Voge of Kill the Music Record Store in Brisbane. Personally I can’t imagine this music and this way of life without the presence of independent record stores. But Paul never seems to ask any favours, just goes about trying to keep the store going and keeping things real.

With the industry landscape changing so drastically – even in the four plus years Kill the Music has had his doors open – maybe you should have a listen to what it’s like behind the counter…

Thanks heaps to Paul.  Make sure you visit his store here to show your support for independent music.

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Episode 21 Playlist: Waiting Room: Fugazi/7 Songs/Dischord — Northbound Breakdown: Lifetime/Self Titled/Decaydance — For Once in Your Life: The Jealous Sound/Kill Them with Kindness/Better Looking.