Bullet Bane Garage Fuzz ImageInterviews: Garage Fuzz, Bullet Bane    Tracks: Same

What a way to celebrate Episode 25. Here is part 1 of our special South American episodes featuring 2 interviews recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil with veterans Garage Fuzz and up-and-comers Bullet Bane.

An awesome insight into the Brasilian punk scene from two very different perspectives. Garage Fuzz have basically seen and done it all over the last 20 years. They have toured with punk rock heavyweights from around the world and released much-loved demos, albums and EPs – all the time staying true to the friendship that brought them together in the first place and a love of music…nothing more, nothing less.

Bullet Bane have gained immediate attention in Sao Paulo and even overseas with some tight tunes and a good attitude towards their music and those around them. So much so their 4th show ever was with Swedish legends No Fun at All and they intend to go from strength to strength.

Had a blast doing these interviews so hope you enjoy them. Great tracks by both these bands also featured. Remember to watch the preview video HERE.

Thanks so much to the guys for taking part and apologies to our Brasilian friends that the interviews are not in Portuguese. Big ups to Cesar. Click on the iTunes icon to get the episode on your ‘Pod or play/download below.

Episode 25(1) Playlist:  Embedded Needs: Garage Fuzz/Relax in Your Favourite Chair/Ideal — Old Red Low Top: Garage Fuzz/Definately Alive/Ideal — Man Down: Bullet Bane/Take Off the Halter EP/Self Released — Gas Chamber: Bullet Bane/Take Off the Halter EP/Self Released.

Intro: Lifer: One 80 Down. Photos: Breno Carollo and JVTHiago.