Interview: Frank Turner    Tracks: Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun, Black Flag, The Band.

About six years ago, Frank Turner would text his mates to make sure they were coming to see him play down at the pub that weekend. About two weeks ago he played London’s Wembley Arena.

He did it despite having never graced the cover of mainstream music mags, or having a fluke hit song that got used in some crappy TV series soundtrack. All the while he has remained on the same independent record label he started out on.

Instead he just wrote great fucking songs, played anywhere he could, started one tour straight after the last, and did everything he could to connect, both on and off-stage, with the people who took the time to listen.

It’s a pleasure to bring you Episode 32 of D.I.Wireless featuring our interview with Frank where we talk all about that night at Wembley, the tattoos, films and the party that took place, and why, after all this, he is so fucking excited about playing the Darwin Railway Sports and Social Club on his upcoming tour of Australia.

A huge thanks to Frank for taking the time out to chat. If you are reading this – from anywhere – do yourself a favor and catch his tour. He’ll be in a town near you soon enough.

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Episode 32 Playlist: I Am Disappear: Frank Turner/England Keep My Bones/Epitaph/Xtra Mile — The Night We Drove Old Dixie Down: The Band/The Last Waltz/Warner — A Song About Death: Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun/Death/Xtra Mile — Black Coffee: Black Flag/Slip it In/SST — If Ever I Stray: Frank Turner/England Keep My Bones/Epitaph/Xtra Mile.

Intro: One 80 Down  Episode photo: Nicole Kibert