Tracks: Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Foxtrot, Sharks, Sommerset

We said earlier in the year we wanted to get back to just cranking out some tunes on our episodes, so hear is another show with a definite ‘Less Talk, More Rock’ vibe. Episode 33 features a bunch of awesome songs from some great bands. I’d honestly forgotten how much fun these shows are to do.

It also features another awesome installment of ‘Shuffletown’ – our segment dedicated to plucking random songs from albums long since stored under fishing rods in the back shed.

Give it a spin as an awesome playlist for the weekend…or any other rock-out time for that matter!

To get the episode on your ‘Pod just click on the iTunes button to the right or just play/download below.

Episode 33 Playlist: Monumental: The Flatliners/Cavalcade/Fat Wreck — Where The Bloody…: Local Resident Failure/Breath of Stale Air/Pee — Which Way To Go: Eddy Current Supression Ring/Primary Colours/Aarght!/Goner — Til The Wonders Rise: Sharks/No Gods/Rise — Souvenirs: Between The Devil and the Deep/Paper Spine/Self Released — Allnighter: The Scandals/Trenchknife/Gingervitis — Coming Home: Sommerset/Fast Cars…/Deck Cheese — Off The Edge: Nayked Raygun/Last of Demohicians/Self Released — Rookie (Live): Boysetsfire/Live For Today/Windup — Mexican Guitars: The Menzingers/On The Impossible Past/Epitaph — Harbour Freeway Blues: OFF!/Self Titled/Vice — The Point: Foxtrot/Down The Road Compilation/Self Released.

Intro: One80Down   Episode Photo: E. Wong