Interview: Living With Lions   Tracks: Banner Pilot, Iron Chic, Kvelertak.

Episode 34 is here featuring an extended interview with Landon and Bill from Vancouver’s Living With Lions. I’ll admit, I was one of the people originally drawn to the band after the artwork-censorship-drama mentioned below.

But rather than write them off as a headline with a catchy hook, I delved into their catalogue. After meeting the guys and hearing how things have evolved over the last few years you can honestly tell these fellas seem to have got to where they are through keeping it simple while shit swirled around them. Hardwork, staying true, good songs, but most of all, not taking things too seriously.

We talk everything from Warped Tour memories, the crazy year that was 2011, Matt back on board as their frontman and as usual, hear the guys pick some some tracks to play on the show.

A massive thanks to the LWL fellas for taking time out to chat. If you are reading this from North America remember to catch them on tour this summer. Peace out.

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Episode 34 Playlist: Bottle of Charades: Living With Lions/Make Your Mark/Black Box/Adeline — Skeleton Key: Banner Pilot/Collapser/Fat Wreck — Cutesy Monster Man: Iron Chic/Not Like This/Dead Broke — Mjod: Kvelertak/Self Titled/Indie — Regret Song: Living With Lions/Holy Shit/Back Numbers/Adeline.

Intro: One 80 Down   Photo: Brian Hall