Tracks: Army of Champions, The Tearaways, The Smith Street Band.

To coincide with the finale of our FEST OR BUST Tour video series the next two-part special episode of D.I.Wireless podcast will showcase music from the incredible bands that made up the series soundtrack.

PART 1 of the special sountrack episodes features a selection of the awesome Australian bands who had music snippets in the series. In the epiosde you will hear an additional track in full from each of the bands. Hopefully people caught an ear of something they liked and can hear more of it right here.

PART 2 of this podcast will be up real soon and feature a selection of music from all the gnarly bands we interviewed on the road. But for now listen the gnarly Aussie acts below!

To get the episode for your ‘Pod just click the iTunes button to your right – or just play/download below.

Episode 38 (Part 1) Playlist: Hero In Paradise: Army of Champions/Animal Vs Man/Arrest –Seasonal: Miles Away/Endless Roads/Resist — Pages: Driven Fear/Contender/Pee — Familiar Strangers: A Death in The Family/This Microscopic War/Poison City — Whispers of The Past: Stolen Youth/Dark Century/Clarity — Fantasia Moons: The Quickening/White Blossoms/Self Released — Pushing Squares: Hoodlum Shouts/Young Man, Old Man/Poison City — Theme Song From HQ: Luca Brasi/Extended Family/Poison City/Broken Bones — Empty Vessels: Isaac Graham/Nomads/Self Released — Her Town: The Tearaways/Tones of Dirt and Bone/Self Released — Young Drunk: The Smith Street Band/Sunshine and Technology/Poison City.