Tracks: Timeshares, One Win Choice, Red Collar.

Here is the PART 2 of our episodes featuring the soundtrack of the FEST OR BUST video series. It features a top selection of the music from some of the 17 bands we interviewed and featured during the series.

So if you heard a snippet of music that you liked, here is where you can here heaps more. Pretty proud of the variety of music that we encountered while meeting these awesome people on the road. So much new music into our lives from chatting to these bands. Maybe you’ll dig it too.

Remember to check out PART 1 of the soundtrack podcasts featuring all the Australian bands that had their music featured in the series.

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Episode 37 (PART 2) Playlist: Nail Biting Sleep: Jeff Rowe/New Winter, New England/Anchorless — Too Many ELO Days: Timeshares/Bearable/Kind Of Like — I Finally…:The Great Explainer/The Way Things Swell/Chunksaah — Breathing Normally: One Win Choice/Conveyor/Jump Start — A: Restorations/A:B 7″/Tiny Engines — Under Stars and Gutters: The Outsiders/Shallow Graves/Anchorless — Fade Into The Night: Red Collar/Welcome Home/Tiny Engines — The City That Never Sleeps: The Wild/A Collection/Asian Man — Eight Miles Out: Ninja Gun/Restless Rubes/Sabot — Dirty Jokes: The Slow Death/Born Ugly Got Worse/Kiss Of Death — Fox and The Hounds: Go Rydell/Grey Area Split/Self Released