DIWirelessEP38_JaimeHay_postInterview: Jamie Hay

Episode 40 of D.I.Wireless is here. To me this was a very interesting insight into what drives a guy who has spent almost half his life touring and recording in bands, and some very highly respected and beloved ones at that.

But somehow I think we only just scratched the surface with this very down to earth gentlemen.

His influences (at home and on records), thoughts on the ‘punk guy with a guitar’ cliche and the seriousness he takes into his songwriting process are all here. Plus what does he now have in common with The Saints and an Australian hair-metal band?

His new record ‘King of The Sun’ is very solemn but in his own words holds some “hope” in it’s messages as well. You can hear snippets of some of the tracks as well as other random songs personally selected by Jamie to play on the show.

Thanks Jamie and thanks to you for checking it out. To get the episode on your ‘Pod click the iTunes button to the right – or just play/download below.

Photo: James Hartley