DIWirelessEP49_MattWeston_postInterview: Matt Weston (The Nation Blue/Syndicate Films)

Episode 49 of D.I.Wireless is our feature with Matt Weston – bassist for long running punk favourites The Nation Blue and the recently formed High Tension.

However the focus of this interview is Matt’s awesome work bringing the story of Australian punk rock legends The Cosmic Psychos to the big screen in the documentary Blokes You Can Trust. An incredible story about a bunch of “farmer country bumpkins” who’s powerful music saw them swept into the middle of the Seattle ‘grunge’ movement and features everyone from Eddie Vedder to Butch Vig discussing The Psychos impact during a time that punk rock changed forever.

So far all that is known about the doco is contained in it’s trailer, but here Matt delves into the background of the film, it’s amazing stories and characters, as well as speaking all about the crowd funding that secured the films production and what is planned for the upcoming release.

This interview is a great listen for not just for Cosmic Psychos fans but anyone with an interest in a unique and entertaining part of Australian punk rock history. And of course we cover ground with Matt’s current musical exploits including some interesting thoughts on what the future holds for The Nation Blue.

Big thanks to Matt for taking the time to chat about it all. To get the episode on your ‘Pod click the iTunes button on the right – or just play/download below.