DIWirelessEP51_ClownsEasily one of the hardest working bands in Australian punk rock at the moment, as part of Episode 51 D.I.Wireless introduces Melbourne’s Clowns to listeners ahead of their debut album due out in October.

The band has played just about everywhere and with everyone in their short 3 year history and their fast, abrasive style of hardcore punk has made a lot of people take notice along the way. Shows in ice cream parlours, recording releases on phones, trashing mansions – it’s all here.

But scratch beneath the young stoner chuckles and brazen musical exterior you find a bunch of guys who are extremely focused, have an impressive attitude and are grateful and respectful to those bands that have blazed the trail they intend to follow.

Any band starting out in punk rock with the hopes of gaining a little momentum somewhere along the line should listen to this interview. Seriously.

Big thanks to Jake and James for not spewing during the interview. To get the episode on your ‘Pod use the iTunes over to the right – or just play/download below.

Photo: Saban Photography