DIWirelessEP54_KillTheMusic_postCo-Host: Paul Voge (Kill The Music)

Here is the final episode of D.I.Wireless for the year featuring tracks and debates on some of the releases this podcast considered the best of 2013.

To join the fun we invited Paul Voge of Kill The Music Record Store to choose his favourite albums of the year. The result is a pretty gnarly mix of tunes to take you to Xmas.

D.I.Wireless will release an extended list of 2013 favourites in the coming days, some hinted at the end of this episode, so keep an eye out to discover/revisit more 2013 crackers.

As for Paul, his beloved independent record store closes it’s doors in January. After listening to this show go straight to your local independent record store, wherever you may be, hang out and pick something up. It’s important. This includes a visit to KTM for those in Brisbane.

Massive thank you to anyone who has listened, helped, or taken part in the show in 2013. To get the episode on your ‘Pod click on the itunes button to your right – or just play/download below.

PS – You can also let Paul marry you so you don’t have some old bag forget your names or accidentally que Jack Johnson music on your big day.