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Back on the air for the summer schedule

Sainkho Namtchylak - "Nostalgia To"

Pluffnub - "A-Ha - Take On Me (Vocals Half-Step Out of Key) (from youtube)"

Shittyflute - "A-Ha - Take On Me - Shittyfluted (from youtube)"

Shittyflute - "Abba - Dancing Queen - Shittyfluted (from youtube)"

Blanketship - "The Queen Boys"

Buttress O’Kneel - "Rhapsody"

Lockarm - "Wouldn’t It Be Ecstacy"

Go Home Productions - "Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Be Your Everything"

Yellow Magic Orchestra - "Jingle 'y.m.o.'"

Otomo Yoshihide & Yuki Saga - "Ue Wo Muite Aruko"

John Oswald - "excerpts from The Mystery Tapes"

Asa-Chang and Jun Ray - "Kaikyo"

Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Ensemble - "Preach"

Music behind DJ:

Bert Kaempfert - "L-O-V-E"

Music behind DJ:

Vicki explains Optimized! [Check out this morning's DO or DIY show on Optimized! We explained the whole idea and played some stupid music.]

Tipsy - "Good Little Demon"

Demetrio Stratos - "Flautofonie e altro"

John Zorn - "Queen of Ilium"

Matt Wand - "Asiatic Tuba Attic (bandcamp)"

Tipsy - "Lipstick Tree"

Nortec Collective - "Tijuana Bass"

Music behind DJ:

The George Garabedian Players and the Awful Trumpet of Harry Arms - "Up-Up And Away"

Shittyflute - "We Are The Champions"

Wobbly - "Killer Queen autotune"

thanks all!