Nortec Collective - "Autobanda"

The Old Geesers - "Honkey Tonk Women"

Phil Minton - "Grandish"

Night Recordings from Bali - "Demon Dog Crossroads"

Lion L. Richie - "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Rudolf's Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - "Eel Dog Rap Mix (edit)"

Carl Stalling - "Flea-ridden Sheep Dog"

Stephan Dillemuth - "Urban Folkdance"

Ergo Phizmiz - "Lullaby For Dogs"

Inuit Games and Songs - "Canada - imiitation of the cries of geese"

François De Roubaix, Bernard Maître - "Muche"

François De Roubaix, Bernard Maître - "Générique Onixien"

John Zorn - "Take 2"

Phil Minton - "Is It Safe"

Gwilly Edmondez - "Junior’s Pharmacy"

Gwilly Edmondez - "Haggard Grist"

Harry Breuer and Orchestra - "The Whistler and his Dog"

Ralf Paulsen - "Mr. Ed"

Carl Stalling - "Flea-ridden Sheep Dog"

Ron Geesin and Roger Waters - "Our Song"

Steinski - "The Optimize Gospels"

Music behind DJ:

Percy Faith - "Summer Place '76 [Theme from 'A Summer Place']"

Osymyso - "Sadtimism"

Howard Skempton - "Well, Well, Cornelius"

David Shea - "Tribute To Mancini"

Oliver Messiaen - "No.5 Regard Du Fils Sur Le Fils"

DW Robertson - "Watership Down Optimised for Flora and Fauna (for Optimized!)"

Wobbly - "Vingt Regards (No. 15)"